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Save Cost

AWSS works with high technology and innovation, Therefore us to reduce the cost of wastewater treatment in all industries, without the need for additional costs.

Save Chemical

AWSS focuses on the working integration. It can we decrease complicated and reduce chemical resources elaborate. It does not affect of performance.

Save Water

AWSS emphasize to the management of water resources and we strive a part of to reduce loading pollutant in environmental. Therefore, effective water recycling is at the heart of our work. To reduce the cost of water treatment.

High Efficiency

AWSS work of experienced and knowledgeable with specialist teams on the effectiveness of the technology and integrates. Therefore, we are confident that we can guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

Save Energy

AWSS recognizes the problem to over-use of equipment. This is one of the reasons why the water treatment system is so expensive. We strive to analyze and design the system elaborate for cut down on extravagant cost.

Asia Water System Solution Co.,Ltd.


Our services focus on reducing the cost of producing water and the highest quality standards, so our service can help you.


The core of our effective work, It is a study to find the real problem of customers through the collection of water samples to analyze the results. This process is very important in the production process of water treatment systems for fix the problem to directly and allows us to have a database of water problems for the customer to help maintain the water treatment system in the long term and more effective.


The data obtained from the analysis of the results. Our engineering team can design a water treatment system that can solve the problem. Customers have low-cost water treatment systems. The water quality meets (or exceeds) the standards set by the Ministry of Industry.


AWSS works by a team is very experienced and innovative. We can develop better than ever. More than ever. And the best performance ever.




50,000 Q SAVING Project has been designed to reduce the industrial of water treatment system and OPEX with out any fees of charge to our clients. Although most of the water treatment industrial were already processed, AWSS’s specialists have still analyzed the system and implemented our innovations. Which totally guarantee 10% minimum reduction of costs and OPEX.

  • Enrolled in the Project without any fees of charge.
  • Immediately Reduce an extravagant expense in your water treatment system.
  • Consulting in water management makes maximum benefits achieve, Including quality controlling of wastewater and soil to be in accordance with the Ministry of Industry’s law.

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Give our more information or advice on service information. Water treatment and water services are available on the right hand side. The AWSS expert team is available and will contact you immediately.

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